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About Us

Stylequeen Bridal & Formal Wear NZ | Bridesmaids Dress Specialist

Welcome to Stylequeen Bridal & Formal Wear. We are Waikato's leading Bridesmaids and Flowergirl Dress Specialist. We have a vast variety of dresses for ALL sizes up to a 26 in some styles. All proudly made in USA of high quality fabric and non slip zips.
We are a home based business open by appointment each day. Sundays we are closed.
Our dresses are already made which means there is no long waiting times for tailoring. Once your order is decided upon and payment is made you then receive your dresses in around 8 to 9 days time. All dresses are steamed to perfection before delivery or pickup depending on your location.
If you are after something in particular and you cant see it in our albums please either phone me on 07-870-6061 or 021-132-9207 or email [email protected]
Best Regards and have a lovely day
Lee Smith ??